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Bariatric Surgery second opinion in Delhi India

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

Bariatric surgery involves making surgical changes to your digestive system in order to facilitate in metabolism which in turn helps in reducing your weight. It is also known as weight loss surgery.

This surgery is considered to be mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. The doctors at Surgery Second Opinion (SSO) understands the girth of it and has enough resources to support you in your surgical journey. Generally the patient is already under pressure due to its obesity and the difficulty it has been causing in doing daily activities.

Bariatric surgery second opinion in Delhi India is in place for patients who develops doubts, uncertainty or undesired result from their surgeon can get in touch with SSO with their medical history. The doctors here will examine your case and give second opinion from a third perspective. This second opinion facilitates in making further decision, gather overall information about your condition, gives you better result than before, gets you out of discomfort caused by the previous treatment plan etc.

Bariatric surgery are helpful in treating other co morbidity conditions like type diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and high blood pressure among many other diseases.

Why it is recommended by doctors?

To reduce the heavy weight which isn’t budging even after a healthy diet and physical exercises. Also to reduce the discomfort caused by obese related conditions

  • heart attack or cardiovascular disease,
  • high blood pressure,
  • joint pains
  • infertility issues
  • and several other conditions

     Who qualifies for the surgery?

    • A person with Body Mass Index (BMI) 40 or above 40 which counts in extreme obesity.
    • if you are suffering from severe conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or severe sleep apnea along with obesity.

      These are just some options. If you fit above criteria you will still be put through a screening to
      see if you can handle the surgery. The doctor will explain you every procedure related to surgery,
      the costs involved and the level of commitment it will require.

Second opinion in Sleeve gastrectomy – a type of bariatric surgery

      This surgery is performed to reduce the stomach size to 20%, rest of the part is removed. Hence,
      stomach remained is in shaped of a banana or a sleeve from which this procedure draws its


    • The stomach is reduced by surgically removing a large chunk of it.
    • Surgical stapler is used to attach the remaining stomach.

      The procedure permanently reduces the size of the stomach. This procedure is irreversible.

How it works

      The new stomach occupies less food, you feel full and the calories intake drops making an impact on metabolism. Soon the body adapts to it and maintain healthy blood sugar control.


    • simple surgery, short surgery time, fast recovery.
    • can undertake surgeries with other serious medical conditions
    • helps in overcoming severe obesity.
    • effective in weight loss and eliminates other comorbidity related to obesity.


    • Non reversible nature of surgery
    • risks are involved, no weight loss in some cases
    • less effective than bypass surgeries
Bariatric surgery second opinion in Delhi India

Bariatric surgery second opinion in Delhi India

Bariatric surgery: A lifelong journey

The immediate phase after the journey is stated as “Honeymoon” period because the patients enjoy freedom of eating anything with minimum exercise. But this honeymoon period is generally 6 months to 18 months long. Patients need to maintain a lifelong healthy lifestyle in order to be in shape and fit.

There are number of practices that needs to be followed by the patient before and after the surgery to turn the surgery into a successful weight loss journey. These practices are designed by the surgeon based on the patients physical capabilities, medical history, mental strength and many other factor contribute in it. Therefore, the patient needs to be in touch with surgeons seeking recommendation regarding diets and exercises.

Surgery Second Opinion is an online platform which can be accessed by anybody from anywhere in the world even during a pandemic or a lock-down. The doctors will study you case which needs to be uploaded on our website by the patient and give you a comprehensive treatment plan. 
Surgery second opinion in India is not a new concept. We all take second opinion everyday for trivial matters. It is just the process has been made online and it is at a very nascent stage right now.

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

Bariatric Surgery second opinion in India

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