Hemorrhoids repair 2nd opinion at $25

Hemorrhoids Treatment Medicine in USA

Where can you get hemorrhoids online consultation at $25?

Surgery Second Opinion (SSO) is an online platform which provides second opinion to patients. SSO has second opinion for various condition in its arsenal. It can provide second opinion for inguinal hernia, piles treatment and medicine, appendicitis, rectal polyp, problem of gallstones and many other diseases.

SSO has a pool of medical experts from various specialization to assist the patients in need of medical assistance. 

How to get second opinion?

    • Make an account, enter basic personnel details
    • Upload your medical reports
    • Write down you questions or query
    • Doctor’s will study the reports and render you comprehensive second opinion within 24 to 48 hours.

Things to be noted:

    • Second opinion is not for emergency cases. Please contact your local nearest hospital in case of emergency.
    • You’ll need to upload copy of all your reports attached to the case. It is to assist you better.
    • SSO’s medical experts after examining your case will provide the best treatment plan for a nominal monetary consideration for the services extended.
    • SSO is just a platform to provide second opinion. You’re not obliged to take future medical assistance from the doctors assigned on your case. Doctors assigned to you could be from any state of India.

In case:

    • a patient is not satisfied with the opinion rendered by our medical expert, he/she will get to choose ONE more opinion from another doctor FREE OF COST. The decision will be made by the SSO team.
    • SSO is unable to provide second opinion with 2 business days from receiving request and payment, the patient will get 100% refund.

What is second opinion for hemorrhoids/piles?

Consulting a second doctor for you recently developed hemorrhoids qualifies for second opinion for hemorrhoids/piles. Now, you could take second opinion for surgery for various reasons like

    • If you have been recommended a surgery for treatment of hernia.
    • the first doctor has not answered questions or doubts that aroused post-surgery.
    • in case you are experiencing discomfort post the surgery and the surgeon is replying in a default template “that everything will be fine”
    • if the surgery hasn’t been effective
    • if you have a bulge in the abdomen with no pain and the doctors too are taking it lightly.
    • if you are dissatisfied by the surgeon’s treatment plan.

Piles treatment and medicine

Medicine for Piles, Home treatment, Lifestyle changes

    • ADD FIBER RICH FOODS TO YOUR DIET: Include vegetables like beans, broccoli, fruits like apples, sweet potatoes, dry fruits like dates almonds, pop corn etc into your diet. This are high fiber food items and helps in digestion, softening of stools and avoids constipation.
    • USE OF HEMORRHOIDS CREAMS: There are several over the counter medicines (medicines which does not require prescription or license) which provides relief from itching, burning, pain or swelling.
    • SOAK IN WARM WATER: Soak your anal area in plain simple warm water for 5 to 10 mins three times a day.
    • PAIN KILLERS: You can take ordinary pain killers to get relief from the pain like aspirin or ibuprofen or others.
    • DRINK MORE AND MORE WATER: Increase the intake of water and other liquid diets like fruits juice, coconut water etc. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily, no limit on the maximum amount, drink as much as you can.
    • AVOID SITTING FOR LONGER PERIODS: Indulge in different light exercise, avoid lifting heavy weights. Walking, yoga are some good activities.

Is surgery necessary for hemorrhoids/piles?

If you experience mild pain or discomfort than your doctor may recommend you over the counter ointments or creams. It will provide you relief but avoid using over the counter creams for more than a week unless prescribed.

In case of incessant bleeding and painful piles the doctor might opt one of the other minimally invasive surgical procedures. There are many techniques in which the doctor either removes the hemorrhoids tissues or blocks the blood circulation to the tissues causing it to fall of withing a week. The procedure are known as external hemorrhoid thrombectomy, rubber band litigation, injection (to shrink the pain causing tissue), use of laser, heat, hemorrhoid removal (hemorrhoidectomy) and hemorrhoid stapling.

Almost every doctor recommends surgery for hernia. Reason being that hernia may subside for a while by pushing the bulge but surgery is only permanent solution.

However, many patients report very late to doctor about their hernia. They just live a normal life with there bulge or the bulge to small to be noticeable. 

Doctors recommend surgery to avoid future complications which is very rare like strangulation. It occurs when loop of intestines get entwined and blocks the blood supply to tissues or organs.


Hemorrhoids commonly known as piles are a very common disorder, both in men and women. Hemorrhoids is referred to swollen veins inside your anus and lower rectum. 3 out of 4 adults have hemorrhoids at some point in their life.

There are two types of hemorrhoids one is called

    • Internal hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoids in this case develops inside the rectum. You can’t see or feel it. They cause low discomfort.
    • External hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoids in this case develops under the skin around the anus.hemorrhoids treatment medicine in USA
    • Itching, irritation, swelling in your anal region.
    • pain and discomfort
    • Bleeding from the anus, sometimes painless.
    • Pain during passing of stool

Hemorrhoids treatment medicine in usa
piles treatment and medicine
Hemorrhoids online consultation
medicine for piles

Hemorrhoids treatment medicine in usa
piles treatment and medicine
Hemorrhoids online consultation
medicine for piles

Hemorrhoids treatment medicine in usa
piles treatment and medicine
Hemorrhoids online consultation
medicine for piles

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