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What is 2nd opinion?

Second opinion is when you take a second consultation from a new doctor for a condition that has already been once consulted or in process by a doctor. 

What is 2nd opinion doctor online?

SSO is an online platform where people can get second opinion from the pool of experts that they have accumulated from all over India. The medical experts are referred to as 2nd opinion doctor online in layman’s language.

What is SSO?

SSO is Surgery Second Opinion an online platform which provides second opinion for almost every surgery out there. SSO has collaborated with leading medical super experts from India.

How to get 2nd opinion doctor online?

    • Make an account, enter basic personnel details
    • Upload your medical reports
    • Write down you questions or query
    • Doctor’s will study the reports and render you comprehensive second opinion within 24 to 48 hours.

What is Radiology?

Radiology is the science dealing with number of non-invasive diagnostic procedure to view or take picture of various parts of the body like tissues, bones or organs. X rays, MRI, ultrasounds, CT scans and PET scans are different imaging that is interpreted by the radiologist and further diagnostic decisions are made. Radiology second opinion provides a second look at the reports hence it provides more improved results. Therefore, it helps that patients understand the report well and make further decision regarding its treatment.

Importance of Radiology second opinion

Improper reporting of the radiology leads to delay in treatment process. Delay could worsen the condition and may hinder the treatment process. Therefore a timely radiology second opinion saves time and makes early detecting. In general the radiology is essential in early detection of disease specially cancer. Hence, early diagnosis allows early treatment thus allowing doctor to save more lives.

What SSO provides?

SSO provides 2nd opinion doctor online to give you second opinion on your treatment/diagnosis. Country best radiologists have collaborated with SSO to render second opinion. These radiologist are currently working in premiere medical institution across the state of India. Hence SSO will provide

MRI second opinion

MRI second opinion is one of the most opted second opinion by the patients. Different doctors have different approach towards the diagnosis. It is possible that a doctor may miss some details or choose a treatment which may not be as fruitful as the other. Several factors are involved when a doctor make a decision about his/her patients. Hence taking an MRI second opinion provides informed and better understanding of your condition.

    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to generate anatomy of the organs. You must have seen MRI machines somewhere on the internet, they are large tube shaped magnets. The patient is made to lie inside that tube for imaging.
    • The magnetic field realigns the water molecules present in the body. The radio waves causes these molecules to produce a signal, which is used to form the image. It produces high end images of the organs which assists your doctor in diagnosis of various problems like cancer.
    • MRI is done of
      • Brain, to check cerebral vessels2nd opinion doctor online
      • Spinal cord, to check any related disorder
      • Heart and blood vessels.
      • Bones and joints to check for tumors, infection or abnormalities.
      • other internal organs like liver, kidney, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, prostate.

CT scan second opinion

CT scan second opinion is next in demand when it come to 2nd opinion online. Today patients have option to share their CT scans, MRI or ultrasound via a drive link. On the other side the 2nd opinion doctor can easily view these uploaded reports and give a comprehensive second opinion on you CT scan reporting.

    • CT Scan is computerised tomography scan which arranges the X ray images in such a way that it produces a cross sectional image bones, blood vessels or organs. It provides more detailed image than X rays. 
    • CT scan is done to diagnose disorders of bone and muscles
    • to find the exact location of tumor, infection or blood clot.
    • give detailed information for surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy.
    • Detect and monitor cancer
    • Detect and monitor effectiveness of certain treatments or to detect internal bleeding/injuries.

Ultrasound second opinion

Ultrasound second opinion ensure the patient about his treatment. It provides a complete and comprehensive information about his conditions. It ensures a peace of mind for the patient. It clears the doubts and question in patient mind related to the disease. Hence getting an ultrasound second opinion from a 2nd opinion doctor online is essential especially during the time of Covid 19 pandemic. It is sensible to take online consultation from the comfort of your own house.

    • Ultrasound is also known as sonography. It uses high frequency sound waves to produces image of internal parts of the body. These images provides vital, essential information that facilitates in treatment of the disease.
    • An ultrasound device used externally to examine your body however, in some cases the device will be placed inside the body.
    • One the most common use of ultrasound is in viewing the uterus during pregnancy and monitor developing embryo at subsequent stages.
    • Diagnose gall bladder disorders.
    • Examine breast lump and in early detection of breast cancer
    • Monitoring thyroid gland.
    • Detect prostrate gland and many more.

Things to be noted when taking 2nd opinion online from SSO

Things to be noted:

    • Second opinion is not for emergency cases. Please contact your local nearest hospital in case of emergency.
    • You’ll need to upload copy of all your reports attached to the case. It is to assist you better.
    • SSO’s medical experts after examining your case will provide the best treatment plan for a nominal monetary consideration for the services extended.
    • SSO is just a platform to provide second opinion. You’re not obliged to take future medical assistance from the doctors assigned on your case. Doctors assigned to you could be from any state of India.

In case:

    • a patient is not satisfied with the opinion rendered by our medical expert, he/she will get to choose ONE more opinion from another doctor FREE OF COST. The decision will be made by the SSO team.
    • SSO is unable to provide second opinion with 2 business days from receiving request and payment, the patient will get 100% refund.


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