pediatric surgery second opinion

Pediatric surgery second opinion

Pediatric surgery second opinion

Pediatric surgery is done by surgeons who are specialists in treating problems affecting fetus, infants, children and adolescents using surgical methods. Surgery Second Opinion (SSO) provides pediatric surgery second opinion and second opinion for other specialty. You will get online pediatric doctor who will give you online medical consultation.pediatric surgery second opinion

What is Second Opinion?

Second opinion means consulting a second doctor for a diagnosis – already done or in process – by the first doctor. It is done in order to affirm or provide recommendation on the on going treatment. It provides informed and better understanding of your case. 

How to get second opinion?

    • Make an account, enter basic personnel details
    • Upload your medical reports
    • Write down you questions or query
    • Doctor’s will study the reports and render you comprehensive second opinion within 24 to 48 hours.

Things to be noted:

    • Second opinion is not for emergency cases. Please contact your local nearest hospital in case of emergency.
    • You’ll need to upload copy of all your reports attached to the case. It is to assist you better.
    • SSO’s medical experts after examining your case will provide the best treatment plan for a nominal monetary consideration for the services extended.
    • SSO is just a platform to provide second opinion. You’re not obliged to take future medical assistance from the doctors assigned on your case. Doctors assigned to you could be from any state of India.

In case:

    • a patient is not satisfied with the opinion rendered by our medical expert, he/she will get to choose ONE more opinion from another doctor FREE OF COST. The decision will be made by the SSO team.
    • SSO is unable to provide second opinion with 2 business days from receiving request and payment, the patient will get 100% refund.

Classification of Pediatric surgery on the basis of Specialty

SSO provide guidance to “To be parents” and have been diagnosed with a surgical complication before the birth.

General Surgery

General surgery involves surgery from Inguinal hernia — Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries performed by pediatric doctor. It affects infants and premature infants. It also affects boys approx. six times more than the girls– to complex reconstruction of malformations like conjoined twins.


This surgery involves treatment of conditions like brain tumors, head injuries, vascular deformity, spinal cord problems or tumors. 


Surgical techniques are used to treat conditions like crossed eyes, lazy eyes, vision issues, hypermetropia, myopia, premature development or malformation.

Orthopedic surgery

Growth abnormilites, bone deformation, cerebral palsy, premature development or traumatic injury.

Otolaryngology surgery

Medical disorder related ear, nose, throat (ENT) is treated by surgical techniques.

Plastic surgery

This surgery is used to treat traumatic injuries and congenital problems.


Condition affecting the organs like gall bladder, urinary tract, colon, appendix, stomach, penis, ovaries etc.

Pediatric surgery second opinion

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