What causes breast cancer & why it happens?

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Nobody knows what causes breast cancer. It is just the abnormal growth of some cells
inside the breast which later becomes lump or mass or tumor due to accumulation at
single spot. Cells which are normal and they grow rapidly dividing themselves extensively
forming a tumor are called “Benign tumor” (meaning they are not cancerous and they
do not spread to other body parts). On the other hand if some cell which is dividing at
fast pace and is abnormal then it is called “Malignant tumor“(It is cancerous and spreads
to other parts of the body).

Cancers are named after the body parts in which they originate.
Breast cancer usually generates in cells at the milk producing ducts. It can also originate
in some other cells or tissues within the breast and then spread to other parts.

As stated earlier there is no clarification on the subject of causes of breast cancer however
there are some risk factors associated with it which increases the risk of acquiring breast
cancer. Well, it is to be noted that there are cases where individual with no risk have also
got cancer and those with high risk factors never.

Inherited breast cancer

According to doctors, 5 to 10% of breast cancer are caused due to gene mutation descending down from the previous generation of the family.

If you have a family background of breast cancer or any other cancer, then you are more susceptible and the medical expert will recommend a blood test to determine the specific mutations in genes.

Consult a genetic counselor providing him you family health history. Genetic counselor will help you determining the risks, rewards and limitations of the testing in order to assist you in decision making.

Causes of breast cancer


  • Alcohol consumption: Women who drinks two to three drinks daily have 20% high risk of getting breast cancer than those who do not drink at all.
  • Body weight: Unhealthy diet and lifestyle with no excercise causes obese and it increases the risk factor.
  • Avoiding Breastfeeding: Not breastfeeding can also cause breast cancer in some women.

  • Being women: Although men do get breast cancer but being a women make you more susecptible to the disease.
  • Age: Age With increasing age the chances also increase.
  • Family background: Having a history of cancer in family
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