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What are the benefits of Second opinion before any Surgery ?

Reduce the risk of misdiagnosis

Recent studies suggest that the most common cause of medical errors is diagnostic, followed by treatment and surgical errors. Second opinion can help reduce these risks by ensuring that your employees are evaluated by the right specialist providing the right diagnosis and recommending the right treatment. This will limit unnecessary procedures and subsequent time off work and disability claims.

Reduce employee stress and distraction

In any western country, the average time it takes to see a specialist for the initial consultation is 10-12 weeks, and the average time for certain procedures can be longer than 6 months. These long wait times result in a frustration and anxiety. Surgery Second opinion can reduce undue stress leading to reduced employee distraction and improved productivity.

Reduce employee absenteeism

A study from Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that  employers will lose an estimated $16 billion a year due to absenteeism. Given that a second medical opinion can avoid surgery in approximately 30% of cases, this will significantly reduce unnecessary procedures and disability.

Company studies demonstrate ~3x return on investment (ROI) by instituting preventative health services in the workplace. Therefore, there is a strong economic incentive to adding Second opinion to your employee benefit package.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

A recent human resources survey revealed that health care benefits are an important factor for job candidates when selecting new employment. Furthermore, employer sponsored wellness programs encourage employees to stay at their current job.

From an economic perspective, current estimates suggest that it can take 1-2 years for new employees to reach the productivity level of existing employees. Let surgery second opinion help you attract new employees and retain existing talent.

Reduce the risk of errors

Don’t let human error in diagnosis affect you company’s bottomline

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