Second opinion in ENT

What is ENT and second opinion in ENT?

ENT – Ear, Nose, Throat specialist provides diagnosis regarding problems related to the above said organs. They are also known as Otolaryngologist and provide the operative and non-operative management (i.e., prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care, and rehabilitation) of related disorders. Second opinion in ENT will assist you in taking better decision regarding your diagnosis.
second opinion in ENT
Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

Second opinion in ENT

We all know how frightening surgeries can be as nose, ear and throat these are some essential features of our face.  A second opinion in ENT is always a good idea. There are many advanced imaging techniques and minimally invasive procedures available. Any patient would be benefited from the second opinion from another ENT Doctor. It saves a lot of heartache and headache later on.

Some Common ENT Problems

Bacterial infection causing inflammation is known as tonsillitis. Sore throat, swollen tonsils, bad breath and fever are some symptoms. If there is frequent recurring of infection or sore throat tonsillectomy is advised. Tonsillectomy is a surgery in which tonsils are removed.
Allergies and Infection
It can be of different types like ear infection, sinus infection, allergies from pollen, air, soil, dust etc. It causes headaches, running nose, cough, sneezing and ear pain. These issues could escalate if not given proper attention at the proper stage. Hence, consulting an ENT specialist is beneficial.
Hearing loss and Vertigo
Prolonged period of exposure to loud noise and age causes loss of hearing. ENT specialists are there to provide appropriate diagnosis and hearing aids. Whereas, Vertigo is a conditions where brain will make you feel that surrounding is spinning. It could stem from acute labyrinthitis, you may also experience ringing in ear.
In extreme scenarios ENT issues could lead up to cancer of nose, ear or larynx. The causes are unknown and such cancer are rare. Smoking, exposure to drugs or chemicals or dust are some known causes leading to cancer. Hence, second opinion from ENT specialist can avoid such scenarios.

Why Choose Us?

Our ENT Specialist are experienced and practicing in reputed institution in India and abroad. They bring together years of reputation in this field. Taking a second opinion never offends your first surgeon. It is always for your own benefit in order to take a well informed decision before embarking on a surgical journey.
Resources available with  Second Opinion programme for remote consultation include: Online ENT specialist, online ENT related treatment and online surgery. Now you can speak to top ENT Specialist and get aid from the comfort of your home and in complete privacy.

Second opinion for ENT

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Dr. Aru Chhabra Handa

Dr. Aru Chhabra Handa

MBBS, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology, ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist
Associate Director ENT and Head Neck Surgery - Medanta Medicity Hospital- Delhi NCR / Specialist of Sinus Ailments, Rhinoplasty & Paediatric ENT

Dr. Atul Kumar Mittal

DIRECTOR Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram ENT / Specialization in sinus and skull based surgery, sleep surgery, balloon sinoplasty, endoscopic adenoidectomy
Dr Suresh Singh Naruka

Dr. Suresh Singh Naruka

MBBS (Med.),MS (ENT, & Head & Neck Surg.)
ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist at Apollo Hospital, Delhi -NCR
Sanjay Sachdeva


Principal Director - ENT ENT, Ear Nose Throat At Max Healthcare Delhi
Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi

Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi

MBBS, DNB - Otorhinolaryngology ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist
Consultant ENT & Otorhinolaryngology at Fortis Banglore

When is it necessary to take a second opinion in ENT ?

  • It is essential to take Second opinion in ENT when your doctor doesn’t have the required specialist knowledge for your condition.
  • Second opinion in ENT is important when different ENT specialist have given you different recommendations and you are not able to make a decision.
  • Valuable Second opinion in ENT assists when you haven’t received a clear diagnosis or therapy recommendation.
  • Second opinion in ENT is preferred when your doctor has recommended a major operation .
  • Patients benefit from Second opinion in ENT is when they feel that they haven’t been given enough information about their planned treatment.
  • Second opinion in ENT is key when the suggested treatment promises no significant improvement to your condition.
  • So when you want to find out if there are other treatment options you can pursue second opinion is the way.
Medical Second Opinion surgery India online

01. Organization !

We are a group of surgeons from different surgical specialities and not a intermediate/ middleman medical website company just in the business of giving second opinion.

02. Our principles !

We want to re-establish the dwindling lack of trust between the doctors and patients with our honest second opinion.

03. No financial expectation bias !

For your second opinion, We choose surgeons who practice in a city away from your place, so they won’t have any expectation that you would be coming to them for surgery – so no bias of financial expectation

04. We are not a Hospital !

Lot of Hospitals give second opinion. Their opinion cannot be unbiased as they would definitely be benefited if they advise surgery and they would expect you to be coming to them as patients. Whereas we are not a hospital.

05. Surgeons preferred by other doctors !

We choose the surgical panel team very carefully –after taking suggestion from other fellow doctors as to whom they would prefer if someone of their own family requires a surgery.


what people thinks about us !

My insurance did not cover the second opinion costs back in my country USA . And before saying yes to the surgery for my spine fusion, I had to take a second opinion. Thank you guys. I am now well informed and confident after Dr Vaish explained me in detail and now lot of my concerns are answered.

Nick Rafter

For my father's brain aneurysm surgery, we were very confused. With Dr Rahul's guidance we were able to take a decision and went ahead with the minimally invasive technique instead of craniotomy as advised by our previous neuro surgeon.Thanks.

S. Nair

Patient's son
I had been trying to defer my Laminectomy surgery since last 3 years due to the fear of unknown. Thank you TEAM surgery second opinion for YOUR OPINION.All my fears are gone and finally I have been able to convince myself to not unnecessarily delay further.

K. Joshi


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