Second opinion for Incisional Hernia

Second opinion for incisional hernia

NOTE: This post is Incisional Hernia specific. Posts on Inguinal, Umbilical and Congenital hernia are also available in separate posts.

Where can you get Second opinion for hernia surgery?

Surgery Second Opinion (SSO) is an online platform which provides second opinion to patients. SSO has second opinion for various condition in its arsenal. It can provide second opinion for inguinal hernia, incisional hernia, umbilical hernia and congenital hernia.

SSO has a pool of medical experts from various specialization to assist the patients in need of medical assistance. 

How to get second opinion?

    • Make an account, enter basic personnel details
    • Upload your medical reports
    • Write down you questions or query
    • Doctor’s will study the reports and render you comprehensive second opinion within 24 to 48 hours.

Things to be noted:

    • Second opinion is not for emergency cases. Please contact your local nearest hospital in case of emergency.
    • You’ll need to upload copy of all your reports attached to the case. It is to assist you better.
    • SSO’s medical experts after examining your case will provide the best treatment plan for a nominal monetary consideration for the services extended.
    • SSO is just a platform to provide second opinion. You’re not obliged to take future medical assistance from the doctors assigned on your case. Doctors assigned to you could be from any state of India.

In case:

    • a patient is not satisfied with the opinion rendered by our medical expert, he/she will get to choose ONE more opinion from another doctor FREE OF COST. The decision will be made by the SSO team.
    • SSO is unable to provide second opinion with 2 business days from receiving request and payment, the patient will get 100% refund.

Overview of Incisional Hernia

Incisional hernia is a protrusion of a part of intestine or tissue which occurs at the site of healing surgical
incision in the abdomen. Cases of such type of hernia accounts for 15% of all hernias. second opinion for incisional hernia

Medical experts at SSO, are highly trained and experienced for rendering second opinion for all variations and complexity of incisional hernia. Our team specializes in giving second opinion as well as treating recurring cases of hernias, with the goal of reducing your pain and providing you economically sound solutions to your problems.

Symptoms of hernia in stomach

Bulge caused by incisional hernia noticeable when standing, coughing or lifting something. Common incisional hernia occurs at the front of the abdomen. It is touted to be less severe than the other hernia. Although, like every other hernia this type also requires surgery. Hernias, generally does not heal without surgery. There you go, answered the most asked question that “is surgery compulsory for hernia”?

People who have gone through some kind of abdominal surgery are at risk of developing this hernia. Therefore, utmost care must be taken during the healing period of incision, which is generally 3 to 6 months.

Some causes of hernia in men and women

    • Strenuous activity involving lifting of heavy objects.
    • Unhealthy diet leading to significant weight gain.
    • Pregnancy in case of women

These are some scenario which could increase the stress on abdominal tissues. Therefore it must be avoided during the healing period.

Is hernia surgery dangerous?

The surgery is not at all dangerous. It is a very small surgery. In case of laparoscopic surgery one gets discharged within 24 hours of surgery. But the patient must refrain from any physical activity for a week or two. Also, no heavy lifting for almost 6 months. A surgical mesh is used to provide support to the abdominal tissue and prevents chances of recurrence. Open and minimally invasive surgical techniques, both the options are available for the treatment. Cases of recurrence of hernia are very low.


                 In this the incision is made in the groin. The hernia is pushed
                 back into the abdomen. A MESH is placed to strengthen the
                 abdominal wall and stitches are applied.

    • This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia.
    • It will give you long incision and recovery time is more comparatively with laparoscopic surgery.

                This is minimally invasive technique in which a small cut is made in the groin to insert the laparoscope (thing surgical tube with camera
                attached at the head).

    • Same procedure is applied further in this kind of surgery also.
    • Small incision in this case and recovery is faster too. Surgery time is longer though than open surgery.

What is second opinion for Incisional hernia surgery?

Consulting a second doctor for you recent hernia surgery qualifies for second opinion for hernia surgery. Now, you could take second opinion for surgery for various reasons like

    • If you have been recommended a surgery for treatment of hernia.
    • the first doctor has not answered questions or doubts that aroused post-surgery.
    • in case you are experiencing discomfort post the surgery and the surgeon is replying in a default template “that everything will be fine”
    • if the surgery hasn’t been effective
    • if you have a bulge in the abdomen with no pain and the doctors too are taking it lightly.
    • if you are dissatisfied by the surgeon’s treatment plan.

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